Success in the insurance business depends on attracting, motivating and retaining outstanding employees. Make these high-impact players an offer they can’t refuse: a compensation package designed to reward them for joining your team, inspire them to reach new heights, and maintain their loyalty.

Each agency has its own unique personality. For a compensation plan to be successful, it must be crafted to complement the agency’s organizational structure and match its business model. When Reagan Consulting builds a successful plan for your agency, we analyze its personality, strengths, weaknesses, and long-term objectives. This enables us to lay the foundation for a compensation plan custom-designed to meet your requirements and achieve the desired results.

At Reagan, we understand agency-specific concerns because we work with the industry’s most successful firms. We understand tax and equity issues, as well as what other firms are offering their best people, and we’ve seen the successes and failures of a wide range of compensation policies. We’ve also developed frameworks that use objective, real-time industry data sourced from our quarterly Organic Growth and Profitability Survey to determine elements of compensation structures so that you can ensure that you’re paying for performance that keeps you competitive in the industry.  Let us share our insights with you so that your key players are motivated and rewarded for meeting your agency goals.

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