Beyond our reputation for consulting and deal making, Reagan Consulting is a highly regarded thought leader, guiding top executives among agents and brokers, carriers and financial institutions. Industry media and opinion leaders consistently solicit our insight, and our workshops are sold-out events. We devote time and energy to engaging in extensive research projects on the timeliest topics facing the industry, we direct the industry standard Best Practices Study, and we continue to develop tools like the quarterly Growth & Profitability Survey (formerly Organic Growth & Profitability Survey) that provide current, actionable data to agencies and the industry.

We’ve got our share of MBAs and other academic credentials, but our expertise comes more from our hands-on work with top performing independent agents and bank-owned agents. We know what works because we see first-hand what works, and we’ve been an active participant in the movements of this industry for over 20 years.

Thought leadership that works: original research and publications

Our research efforts have uncovered meaningful insights on some of the most pressing issues in the industry. We’ve tackled challenges like effective producer recruiting and development and perpetuation planning with extensive examinations of what is really happening in the industry and how the best are achieving their results. Our data-driven publications have provided valuable understanding and instructional tools around the topics and trends dominating our business for many years, and we make them available at no cost. To review and access some of our most recent publications, click here.

Benchmarking the industry: the Best Practices Study

Since 1993, Reagan Consulting principals have been leading the Best Practices Study, an annual benchmark of the nation’s top independent agents and brokers. This highly regarded survey, conducted in partnership with the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, is a keystone for performance, regularly referenced by media, industry leaders and others who follow the results of the leading agencies in the country. In the annual study you’ll find valuable information for improving agency performance. You can browse the latest research on top-rated agencies to see how your agency compares with the best, and you can link to an abundance of useful tools at the Best Practices Gateway, accessible here.

Real-time data for agile management: the GPS Survey

Reagan Consulting launched the Growth & Profitability Survey (GPS), formerly known as the Organic Growth & Profitability Survey, in 2008, and it stands as the industry’s premier source of real-time quarterly data for mid-size and large insurance brokers. Many of the industry’s leading firms rely on this data each quarter to benchmark their results and assess their performance. To learn more about the GPS and view the latest results, click here.

Understanding Bank Insurance: the Study of Banks in Insurance

Reagan also leads The Study of Banks in Insurance, a study of the bank-insurance industry conducted jointly by Reagan Consulting and the American Bankers Insurance Association (ABIA), a subsidiary of the American Bankers Association. This study presents the results of a national survey of banks that are actively selling insurance and it provides an analysis of key bank-insurance trends. Topical issues are also addressed in a white paper format. Copies of the study may be ordered from the ABIA here.