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The 2023 Best Practices Study is now available to purchase from the Big “I”.


Congratulations to the firms who were selected as a 2023 Best Practices Agency!

Since 1993, Reagan Consulting and the Big “I” have partnered to produce the Best Practices Study, a comprehensive examination of the top performing agencies across the country.  The study compiles benchmarking data on the key metrics of agency performance and value including revenue growth and profitability, financial stability, expense management, and sales and operations productivity.  Data is provided for each of six revenue categories (from under $1.25M to over $25M), and nominations for agencies in each of these categories are accepted at the beginning of each three-year study cycle. The aggregate results of the highest performing firms (approximately 40 per category) are included in the study and these agencies earn the prestigious status of “Best Practices Agency,” and the industry recognition and exclusive benefits that accompany it.

Best Practices are timeless and cutting-edge strategies developed from studying top U.S. insurance agencies of all sizes for nearly 30 years. They have proven to be transformative tools for agencies seeking to excel. Here you can browse the latest research on top-rated agencies and see how your agency’s results compare with the best. You can also link to a variety of useful tools to help improve agency performance.

General Information

What is the Best Practices Study and how does it work? Click here to read the Best Practices overview.

Why should you become a Best Practices Agency? Click here to learn more. Nominations are accepted and Best Practices Agencies are designated every three years at the start of a new study cycle.

We welcome the partnership of carriers and other insurance industry partners in the Best Practices initiative. Contact us to learn more.

Best Practices Study Archives

Click on the titles below to view the Best Practices Studies from prior years:

Additional Resources

2021 Best Practices For Agency Operations Webinar Series:

  1. Updating Your Perpetuation Plan
    Brian Deitz, Reagan Consulting – Navigating private ownership looks much different in 2021 than it did in 2010. What changed over the past 10 years and how can you internally perpetuate with today’s multiples? Join Brian to learn more about how you can grow your agency and retain your independence.
    On Demand Webinar recording link: https://vimeo.com/bigivirtualuniversity/review/586430211/69323fe38c
  2. 2021 Best Practices Study Update Highlights
    Tom Doran of Reagan Consulting and the Big “I” are excited to release the newest edition of the Best Practices Study. Join Tom as he discusses this year’s highlights and what agencies are doing to continue to perform at record levels.
    On Demand Webinar recording link: Coming Soon
  3. InsurTech Update
    Harrison Brooks, Reagan Consulting | November 18, 2021; 1 p.m. ET
    Join Harrison as he takes a quick dive into key trends in insurance technology and how your insurance agency should respond. During the session, he will help agents and brokers turn theoretical insurance technology tsrend into action.
    On Demand Webinar recording link: Click here to register

2020 Best Practices For Agency Operations Webinar Series:

  1. Responding to COVID-19
    August 2020
    Webinar recording link: https://vimeo.com/bigivirtualuniversity/review/214061921/1d85528e70
  2. Embracing the Challenges of a Post-COVID World
    September 2020
    Webinar recording link: https://vimeo.com/bigivirtualuniversity/review/453751713/1cce82175a

2019 Best Practices For Agency Operations Webinar Series:

  1. 2019 Best Practices Study Overview
    September 2019
    Webinar recording link: https://vimeo.com/bigivirtualuniversity/review/361133615/d2ee545268

2018 Best Practices For Agency Operations Webinar Series:

  1. Weighted Average Shareholder Age (WASA) – Getting younger in the face of an aging shareholder group
    April 2017
    Webinar recording link: https://vimeo.com/bigivirtualuniversity/review/214061921/1d85528e70

2017 Best Practices For Agency Operations Webinar Series:

  1. Key Data: What to Watch – What To Be Concerned About
    April 2017
    Webinar recording link: https://vimeo.com/bigivirtualuniversity/review/214061921/1d85528e70
  2. Sales Velocity
    June 2017
    Webinar recording link: https://vimeo.com/bigivirtualuniversity/review/223495173/575891056
  3. Technology Insights
    August 2017
    Webinar recording link: https://vimeo.com/bigivirtualuniversity/review/231005083/ccd2609575
  4. 2017 Best Practices Study Highlights
    September 2017
    Webinar recording link: https://vimeo.com/bigivirtualuniversity/review/234721051/c93df5b155

Additional Reagan Consulting Studies
Growth and Profitability Survey (GPS): This quarterly study (formerly known as the Organic Growth & Profitability Survey) was launched in 2008 and is the industry’s premier source of real-time data for mid-size and large insurance brokers. Many of the industry’s leading firms rely on the data each quarter to benchmark their results and assess their performance. To learn more about the GPS, which is open to participation by any interested agency, visit the GPS webpage.

Producer Recruiting and Development: A consistent challenge for many agencies. To read about the findings of a recent Reagan Consulting Study in the area, and gain a new perspective on your own efforts in this area, download the Producer Recruiting and Development Study.

View and purchase other Best Practices products from the IIABA. Go to the IIABA Best Practices website.


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